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Our fur babies!


Big news! 
We'll have a litter whelped by Nina sometime mid-February 2017.  This will be our last litter, perhaps, ever.
We are a tiny breeding kennel, very focused on health, structure and temperment. The Swedish Vallhund is a very active and intelligent breed; we screen our potential puppy homes for the best fit.


The core of our kennel are our three Swedish Vallhunds; Mike, Nina, and Gala (Galadriel).  Our kennel is also home to three Welsh Pembroke Corgis, two cats, and assorted fish.


The Swedish Vallhund is also called "Västgötaspets" in Swedish.  The breed is still very rare after it was saved from extinction in 1942.  It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund originated during the age of Vikings, in the Swedish county of Västergötland, in the 8th or 9th century AD. The small dog is an excellent watch/guard dog, herding dog, and ratter.  The breed was brought on Viking incursions into England, Wales, and the European mainland where it served the Vikings on land after serving as ratters on their longships. 


The breed is thought to have played a part in the development of the modern Welsh Corgis and the Lancashire Heelers.  The Swedish Vallhund is also related to larger spitz dogs and moose-hunting dogs of Scandinavia.

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